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  1. Create a self portrait that represents you the best in any technique you like (JPG/PNG, 6600x 6600px / 300dpi)
  2. Create a matching 5-30 sec animation of that self portrait (1500 x1500px, MP4, H.264, 25fps)
  3. Send us the animation, portrait for print and as trigger image by 14.September 2023, 23.59 CEST through this form





To test your creation you can use Artivive Bridge platform (browser based), Eyejack, or any platform of your liking that can display marker based AR

<aside> 💡 Material to submit

(do not use any copyrighted material in your submission, otherwise, we might not be able to accept your submission)


<aside> 💡 Best methods

For the best possible tracking of the static image, your artwork should:

<aside> 💡 Animation Tips